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1 Billion Year Old Fossils Discovered in Canada

As per the trusted sources of information, a Canadian geologist is likely to have found the earliest Fossils of the animal and its record of life on earth, as stated in the report published by the journal Nature on Wednesday.

As per the reports made by the researchers, about billions of years ago, a part of the northwest region of Canada which is now filled with the steep mountains is now filled with the prehistoric marine environment. The place is expected to have preserves of ancient sponges that are in the mineral sediment as stated in the paper from the authorized people.

1 Billion Year Old Fossils Discovered in CanadaThe rocks across the isolated regions of the Northwest Territories which is only accessible by the helicopter are found by the geologist named Elizabeth Turner, who has been excavating in that place since the year 1980. This section of the rock is likely to contain three dimensional structures that are in close resemblance with the modern sponge skeletons.

A geobiologist and expert in sponges, Joachim Reither, from the Germany’s University of Gottingen, who was not a part of the research stated that as per his belief, that the ancient sponges are the only type of organism which are a part of this type of network of the organic filaments.As per the researchers, the dating of the adjacent layers of rock signifies that the samples are around 890 million years old. This makes them 350 million years apart from the oldest undisputed sponge Fossils that have been found previously.

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