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 Apple iPhone Has No Immediate Plans for a Satellite Phone

Recently, rumors spread across the US that Apple is designing iPhone 13, which allows the users connectivity through satellites when there are network issues. But, another rumor now says, Apple has not yet planned such features, at least in the near future.

This means customers should not keep their wallets ready yet.  According to the report, Apple has not yet designed any hardware that would support connecting the network to the satellite. In addition, the hardware could be very expensive, which would make the company as well as the customers unaffordable.

Apple iPhone Has No Immediate Plans for a Satellite PhoneHowever, even if right now Apple is not working on any hardware that will connect mobile networks via satellite, reports say Apple is designing connectivity features that will be helpful for the people connecting from remote areas. In these scenarios, the iPhone advanced feature would allow the users to connect their phone to a satellite network and send texts to responders and report an accident or any emergency situation in the remote area.

The call and text from anywhere anytime features are a long way either, but the features that Apple is currently working on could really help people to connect to responders remote locations in case of any emergency. These emergency features in the iPhone are expected to launch later this month, and the hardware that will support this feature will be embedded later this year. The exact launching date of the iPhone 13 is not yet disclosed. However, these features will be available only in selective countries.

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