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Are vaccines linked to asthma or allergies in kids?

Study is being conducted to determine if children are more prone to problems like asthma or certain allergies after being vaccinated. Scientists are researching if aluminum, a very commonly additive for vaccines that have been used from various decades, causes problems like asthma or allergy in children.

Are vaccines linked to asthma or allergies in kids?The research, federally funded, has found some evidence but according to the researchers they are not solid enough to make changes in the vaccines given to those children. The researchers claimed that much more work is needed to be done in order to reach a solid conclusion for recommending changes in the medicinal vaccines.

Fortunately, the benefits of the vaccines outweighs the findings or we could say the shortcomings of the research. But there is a possibility that the varied results may have to switch things up. Vaccines contain aluminum as an element that increases the immunity to the human body. According to the US Government, children of the age 2 should be mandatorily vaccinated against 15 diseases.

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