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Automation Boom in US Robots and Apps are finding work in pandemic

The pandemic has threatened all business sectors since 2020 and has posed a long-term threat to workers as well as jobseekers. At the same time, the workers are reluctant to re-join work in the fears of covid. On the other hand, business sectors are experiencing pent-up demand for example holidays destinations, hotels, restaurants, etc. It has thus strengthened the domestic market in the US has recording highest revenue of this year. But some businesses are forcefully cutting down the opening times and service hours due to shortage of workers.

In regards to this shortage and to address the shortages, Robots and apps in US in the pandemic are witnessing growing adoption. Business owners are usin and apps that are serving the customers as businesses are facing staff shortages and higher labor costs.

Automation Boom in US Robots and Apps are finding work in pandemicCompanies are automating the service sector jobs using AI embedded machines to take orders and serve the customers. They are designing Robots that can easily work in kitchen and other areas. The Robots are trained in such a way that there is very less space for mistakes.

Furthermore, among all the sectors in US, the manufacturing sector is largely deploying robot to carry out various tasks.  Also, the Robots are being used in the much larger service sector. Improvements in technology is allowing businesses ton many tasks that previously could not be done without human intervention. And, the pandemic has accelerated the adoption of Robots.

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