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Avian Flu Cases Increases in Pennsylvania

In recent months, Pennsylvania has seen increased instances of Avian influenza, sometimes known as bird flu. A wild bald eagle was discovered dead in Chester County near Philadelphia on March 25, marking the state’s first confirmed Avian flu incidence. On April 16, they discovered it at a Lancaster County chicken farm. As a result, the farm was compelled to kill a lot of hens.

Denver zoo staff cleared out the exhibition and moved the penguins inside to protect them from the outbreak of influenza. The highly pathological influenza can cause various problems. One of the main problems is respiratory disease and major symptoms are coughing and sneezing.

Avian Flu Cases Increases in PennsylvaniaThe veterinarian at the zoo said that it also affects the brain of the animals which can cause diseases like seizures. Croft said influenza could also be fatal for some species. So they have kept penguins and other outdoor birds living inside temporarily. Colorado Parks and Wildlife last month confirmed the first case of influenza. Later they found three wild ducks with Avian Influenza in Denver county.Influenza was also found in Morgan county and El Paso county. Croft said that for the protection of the birds they have decided to keep them indoors and reduce the risk.

Croft said that if they find any sick birds they are swabbing and testing for Avian flu. The zoo said they have noticed any positive cases. They are also hoping it stays that way.The birds at the Denver zoo that are outside the time will stay inside for 28 days. The zoo will also temporarily suspend the educational programs and experiences that included birds. They also said they will get past this new influenza and exhibit the penguin to the public. The people in the department of agriculture also urger people to take care of the birds, report illness and avoid unusual deaths.

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