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Can Google Photos Store Unlimited Photos?

Google had started to offer free photo backups in 2015 when the present repetition of Google Photos was freed from the weight of Google+. At that time, said that users could upload as many pictures as they wanted in a compressed format, but the Google Pixel in 2016 had a nice bonus of unlimited full-resolution uploads of photos and videos.

Unfortunately, Google is just finished with the free uploads on Photos, which means everything the users save is going over the counts against their storage capacity unless they have still got a first-gen Google Pixel.

Can Google Photos Store Unlimited Photos?Well, honestly, it is a lot easier for users to just pay some money or just a few bucks to offer them more storage. Direct connections from applications to applications are always at the mercy of Android’s app handling in the background, which can be destructive in some phones. The Pixel can easily lookout for a connection limitlessly because it can remain plugged in. However, the users might have to give a kick every now and then to the app on their new phone so that it doesn’t lose background access. That is a small price that can be easily paid for unlimited photo storage for life.

Google Photos, however, also offers a free limit of 15 GB, as told by the media earlier. If the storage of photos and videos is exceeded, which although doesn’t exceed usually, but if it does, offers several plans for a premium version of the app so one can easily avail to unlimited storage.

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