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Clark County Officials Facing an Upheaving Challenge on Their Hands

Clark County health officials say that nothing is certain if there is adequate vaccine supply available with the departments. There was a mass spread out but steady stream of cars at the drive-in vaccination site at Clark County Fairgrounds on Thursday.

“It might be a little bit tight for a couple of weeks, with vaccine supply, and people might have to wait a little bit for appointments, but we have a good supply, we have more vaccine coming, so ultimately, we’re really excited about this,” said Deputy Health Officer Dr. Steven Krager.

Another mass vaccination site at Tower Hall in Vancouver will have 4,000 vaccine doses and appointments available starting from Friday.  The working progress is getting hampered by off-slip demand as the vaccines are being piled up at the sites.

Clark County Officials Facing an Upheaving Challenge on Their HandsAbout a half-million, more people in Washington are now eligible to get the vaccine. Krager asserts that the pause of Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine might not be a significant blow to the vaccination program. The bigger concern is that the people are perceiving more safety concerns. At the moment, the CDC has allowed all people under 16 years to be considered eligible for the vaccine in Washington. The concern is that only the Pfizer vaccine is allowing vaccination injections to people under 18. But that could change soon.

Getting people encouraged to take the vaccine is much of a confiscating task for the health officials. The government is putting together a campaign called I Got the Shot, with local leaders in various positions, explaining to them the significance of getting vaccinated. The Health officials would do everything in hand possible for inculcating a positive response from the people for taking the doses. It seems a lengthy dialog but it will be a good one.

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