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Covid-19 Vaccine Supply Increase Would Allow State to Expand Eligibility

On Monday, Governor Jay Inslee said that he would expand eligibility for the Covid-19 Vaccine if more supplies of the vaccine were available in the Washington State. During a mid-morning news conference in Skagit County, the governor made his comments. The conference was held to talk about climate change, but it shifted towards Covid-19 when reporters started questioning.

The current state guidelines say that the soonest, all unvaccinated adults can obtain a vaccine shot by May 1. This date is two weeks later than the date proposed by President Joe Biden, who wanted a majority or 90% of all Americans to be considered eligible for the Covid-19 Vaccine.

Covid-19 Vaccine Supply Increase Would Allow State to Expand EligibilityInslee said, “There is a possibility that (eligibility date) could move up (but) we’ve not made that decision at the moment. Right now, the next tranche would be May 1 for everyone, and there is a possibly that could move up if we have a more rapid pace of doses delivered to us within the next two or three weeks.”

After hearing the emotional pleas from Dr. Rochelle Walensky, director of the U.S. Center for Disease Control, who insisted that now is not the time to step back from safety measures put in place to tame COVID-19, Inslee’s office is tracking the trends. During a virtual briefing in which she expressed her concerns related to the virus, she said, “We are not powerless. We can change this trajectory of the pandemic.”

Walensky said that she had a recurring feeling of impending doom if the country falls back into the pre-Covid habits before the people reach herd immunity.

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