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Doctors Notice Surge in Normal Flu

The health officials are noticing the increase in the symptoms of prolonged cold which is linked to common cold and influenza. Over the past two years, the hospitals have recorded a very low number of Influenza cases. Health experts also said that there is a decrease in cases due to improved hygiene and mask mandates.

Now, many countries have removed the mask mandate and people are slowly getting back to pre pandemic stage.  Dr. Liam Sullivan said that they have not recorded common cold cases for a couple of years now but people’s immunity is dropping to a very lower level. The reason people might experience various symptoms that are longer than usual. The health authorities said that they have symptoms of the Flu and covid 19 can be due to various reasons.

Doctors Notice Surge in Normal FluThe various report also notes that they are seeing patients who are fighting cold and Flu for many weeks. There is no proper cure for the common cold or other types of. Common symptoms may include Rest, necessary fluids, and other important medications. Flu shot in patients with heart failure decreases the risk of pneumonia and hospitalization.

They do not appear to reduce MACE outside the peak season of the Flu.  IVVE has first taken a random trial to monitor the shot and placebo in regard to heart failures. Both the studies have monitor the heart risks caused by the Flu shot.

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