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FDB Launches Web-based Clinical Decision Support Analytics System

First Databank, the drugs and medical device databases provider, has launched a clinical decision support analytics system that will be integrated with EHRs, thereby helping healthcare organizations get actionable insights.

Its FDB CDS Analytics launch will help healthcare professionals identify, monitor, and offer customized clinical support. It will enhance clinician user experience and implement CDS in all the healthcare areas to advance patients.Community Health Network will be the primary adopter of FDB CDS Analytics launch. Community Health Network is a non-profit health system. It has over 200 healthcare sites and affiliates. The sites integrate hundreds of physicians, specialty hospitals, and more such healthcare firms.

FDB Launches Web-based Clinical Decision Support Analytics SystemFDB believes the new system will improve user experience, boot in ROI, and improved patient care. CDS decision support analytics solution is a cloud-based web application that advances health systems databases. The application will allow pre-configuration of metrics and track the reports to improved decision support.

CDS Analytics offers interactive dashboards designed for different healthcare professionals, including directors, chief medical information officers, shareholders, and more. The dashboard allows to see future and current trends even at the departmental level.The system can help clinicians identify alerts and enable optimization. CDS tools allow better accelerate CDS across organizations. The system will act as a powerful tool that will offer in-depth insights into how clinicians are utilizing CDS. CDS will thus provide optimal guidance to healthcare professionals at the right time.

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