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Genetic Link Between Blood Test Results And Mental Disorders

Researchers have found that mental health disorders are connected to the biological markers that are found in regular Blood Test. This new study will help the researchers identify the reason behind the mental health problems like depression, anxiety, and others.

Many people often consider these problems are different from the other issues. There are proofs that show disease like diabetes affects the functioning of our brain. Previous research has shown that they have tried to focus on the biomarkers that can be found through the regular Blood Test. These biomarkers are something that acts as a sign of a disease. These are often found using blood results. Doctors can predict diseases like blood sugar, liver enzymes, or any other inflammation in our bodies.

Genetic Link Between Blood Test Results And Mental DisordersBiomarkers are usually found in the Blood Test, which is affected by our diet, lifestyle, or intake of any drug. It is hard to comprehend whether these biomarkers are in mental health conditions. Many studies that focused on this were not big enough to utilize all the data to understand the connection between the Blood Test result and mental health. To find answers to all the questions, it is to focus on the genetic influences on mental illness and the substances measured in blood.

Genetics has called the combination of mental illness and blood biomarkers Complex Traits. Various factors like the environment also contribute to the complex traits. The available genetic data has shown the changes in the DNA sequence, which are connected to the risk of mental illness. The exact sequence is also connected to the levels of the biomarkers in the blood.

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