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Google I/O Announced Changes in Google Photos

At today’s Google I/O developer conference, which was practically broadcast this year thanks to COVID, Google announced a series of updates to its Google Photos service, used by over a billion people. Among other changes, the company introduces Locked Folders, new forms of photo “Memories” for reminiscing about past events, and a new feature called “Cinematic Moments” that will animate a series of static images.

Over 4 trillion images and videos are stored in Photos today, but the vast majority of them are never seen. To address this, Google has been working on AI-powered features that will enable users to focus on significant events in their lives. Photos’ Memories feature, which was introduced in 2019, allows users to resurface photos and videos related to people, events, and hobbies, as well as recent highlights from the previous week.

Google I/O Announced Changes in Google PhotosGoogle revealed a new form of Memory, dubbed “little patterns,” at Google I/O. Little patterns search for a series of three or more images with similarities, such as form or color, and highlight them as a template for you using machine learning. Google will also add Best of Month Memories, and Trip Highlights to your photo grid, which you will be able to erase or rename, as well as Memories commemorating special occasions such as birthdays and holidays.

According to Google, these incidents can be classified based on several variables. This can be done by recognizing items in the pictures, such as a birthday cake or a Hanukkah menorah, and matching the photo’s date to known holidays. The Best of Month and Trip Highlight Memories will be available in the picture grid starting today. You’ll begin seeing Memories linked to the activities and moments you celebrate later this year.

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