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Health Authoroties Warn Parents, Pediatricians about Dangers of Enterovirus D68

The CDC urges Pediatricians to check children for a rare but severe respiratory illness. The flu or COVID-19 are not the cause. It is known as Enterovirus D68, and it can result in a condition that paralyzes a person. Due to symptoms including a runny nose, cough, and fever that resemble those of the common cold, it can be challenging to diagnose. Parents should speak to a doctor if a kid has trouble breathing or if their symptoms keep worsening. Health officials warned about the virus growing community spread on Friday.

Health Authorities Warn Parents, Pediatricians about Dangers of Enterovirus D68All adults and children who have not received the polio vaccine or are not up to date on their immunizations face an immediate risk from the virus in New York today. Every person living in New York, every parent, guardian, and Pediatricians, must take all reasonable steps to guarantee that they, their children, and their patients are protected from this dangerous, crippling disease through safe and effective vaccination. However, there are several counties in New York with poor immunization rates.

The report shows that as of August 1, the polio immunization rate in Rockland County was 60.34%. Sullivan County’s rate is 62.33%, whereas Orange County’s is 58.68%. For kids who have had three polio vaccines before their second birthday, the average statewide polio vaccination rate in New York is 78.96%.

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