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High Purity CBD May Help Block COVID-19 Virus From Replicating

UChicago Medicine study suggests high-purity CBD may help block virus from replicating. Researchers recommend clinical trials for CBD to prevent COVID-19 based on promising animal data. A team of researchers from the University of Chicago has found evidence that cannabidiol, or CBD, a product of the cannabis plant, can inhibit infection by the COVID-19 virus in human cells and in mice. The study was published in Science Advances.

The study found that CBD showed a significant negative association with positive  tests in a national sample of medical records of patients taking the FDA-approved drug for treating epilepsy. The researchers now say that clinical trials should be done to determine whether CBD could eventually be used as a preventative or early treatment for COVID-19.

High Purity CBD May Help Block COVID-19 Virus From ReplicatingThe-blocking effects of CBD come only from a high-purity, specially formulated dose taken in specific situations. The study’s findings do not suggest that consuming commercially available products with CBD additives that vary in potency and quality can prevent COVID-19.An unexpected avenueCBD has anti-inflammatory effects, so we thought that maybe it would stop the second phase of  infection involving the immune system, the so-called ‘cytokine storm. It directly inhibited viral replication in lung cells.

The researchers first treated human lung cells with a non-toxic dose of CBD for two hours before exposing the cells to the virus and monitoring them for the virus and the viral spike protein.They found that, above a certain threshold concentration, CBD inhibited the virus’ ability to replicate. Further investigation found that CBD had the same effect in two other types of cells and for three variants of the COVID-19 virus in addition to the original strain.

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