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Hundred Million Americans are Fully Vaccinated, Says CDC

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the number of Americans fully Vaccinated against COVID-19 is 101 million. More than 43% have received at least one dose, and the average daily coronavirus case count is down 16%Michael George said that after nearly 400 days of closure Disneyland reopened on Friday. The Capacity is limited to 25% and tickets must be purchased online ahead of time. Only California residents are allowed to visit. In Kentucky, the horse-racing complex Churchill Downs went all out when it reopened.

In Michigan bars and restaurants can operate with 65% capacity, officials are using a carrot and stick approach to get the Vaccinated rate up and more places will open up. Vaccinated rates are slowing. In Arkansas, which is one of more than 10 states not ordering all available  doses. Over one-third of Arkansas, residents have received at least one dose, well below the national total of 43%.

Hundred Million Americans are Fully Vaccinated, Says CDCDr Anthony Fauci said on Friday said that people must get  and if you’re having a two-dose regimen, make sure you get that second dose. Eric Pessell, Calhoun County, Michigan, health officer. Said that people belonging to the categories of waiting and seeing. He requested the people to put an end to waiting and get Vaccinated.

The United States has administered 245,591,469 doses of COVID-19  in the country as of Sunday morning, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. A total of 243,463,471 Vaccinated doses had been administered by May 1. The agency said 147,047,012 people had received at least one dose while 104,774,652 people were fully as of Sunday.

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