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Israel Company Develops Covid 19 Vaccine to Cure late stage Delta Variant

An Israeli company says it developed the “only cure for late-stage Covid 19” and noted the results of its phase II clinical trial. Fox News first released the news, and it revealed that patients suffering from severe cases of Covid 19 had a 94% survival rate after being treated with the drug.

Bonus BioGroup’s cell therapy MesenCure was  distributed to 50 hospitalized Covid 19 patients suffering from life-threatening pneumonia and respiratory distress, the company said, noting that 47 of those patients had survived.

Israel Company Develops Covid 19 Vaccine to Cure late stage Delta VariantDr. Tomer Bronshtein, the head of research at Bonus BioGroup Ltd, said that these are the most clinically meaningful results presented today for treating severe Covid 19 patients.  The trial took place in several medical centers in Israel and revealed that MesenCure can “save three out of four people that are at risk of dying” and “can reduce their hospital length of stay by half.”He said it will accelerate their healing in a way that will cause less permanent tissue damage and reduce the risk for ‘long Covid 19.

’The company noted that for each of the first 30 participants in the clinical trial, two patients, also suffering from severe cases with similar ages and comorbidities, were selected to the “control group,” which did not receive MesenCure.MesenCure is a drug made from living cells,” Bronshtein explained, noting that the cells “are infused into the patient.” Once the cells “reach their lungs, they fill the inflammation and start secreting molecules and compounds that soothe this inflammation.

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