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LinkedIn Confirms to be the Next Clubhouse Rival

The list of competitors is growing for Clubhouse. LinkedIn has now confirmed to be testing a social audio experience in its app. The new feature would allow creators on its network to connect with their community. Unlike the rivals of Clubhouse being built by Twitter and Facebook, LinkedIn believes that its audio networking feature would be different.

LinkedIn says that the feature will connect a social profile and the users’ professional identity. The company has already built out a platform that will serve the creator community. Today, we have access to tools like Stories, LinkedIn Live Video Broadcasting, and more. Today, the company formalized some efforts in this particular area by launching a new Creator mode.

LinkedIn Confirms to be the Next Clubhouse RivalThe mode will allow users to set their profiles as one that can be followed for updates like live videos or stories. The focus of LinkedIn on creators puts up the competitive foot in terms of expansion compared to Telegram, Twitter, Discord, and Facebook. All of the competitors have their audio-based networking features in various development stages at present.

Twitter Spaces, the Clubhouse rival, is already in beta testing, but the complete set of creator tools are yet to arrive. Last month, Twitter announced its plans for a bigger creator platform via a new Super Follow feature. It only entered the newsletter this year after acquisition. Meanwhile, Facebook has historically offered several creator-focused features. It only recently got invested in tools like newsletters.

Suzi Owens, a spokesperson for LinkedIn, said, “We’re seeing nearly 50% growth in conversations on LinkedIn reflected in stories, video shares, and posts on the platform.”

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