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Mammograms Can Help Discover Developing Heart Disease

Mammograms can be used to detect women at more elevated risk of developing heart disease. can spot a build-up of calcium within the breasts, signaling a stiffening of the arteries. Experts at the Kaiser Permanente Northern California Division of Research claim its discovery shows up as a white area on X-rays shows that a woman has bad heart health. The findings were published in the journal Circulation: Cardiovascular Imaging.

The research of thousands of women showed those with breast arterial calcification, as it is known, are 51% more likely to get heart disease. The study author Dr. Carlos Iribarren reported the condition following a check-up could help women take early action to slash their risk of heart disease.

Mammograms Can Help Discover Developing Heart DiseaseThe study’s author also added that currently, it is not the standard of care for breast arterial calcification visible on Mammograms to be reported. Researchers analyzed Mammograms results of 5,000 Californian women who had at least one Mammograms screening between 2012 and 2015. The authors then compared the results with the women’s health records six-and-half years after their scans.

Women have historically suffered from poorer outcomes for heart attacks than men in the UK. Research by the BHF published in 2019 found that women who suffer a heart attack are 50% than men to move an initial misdiagnosis. This gender difference links to heart disease being considered a male issue. Around 800,000 British women have coronary heart disease, narrowing arteries from fatty deposits that cause heart attacks.

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