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Managing a Mental Health Crisis at a Time One Zoom Call at a Time

When the sergeant raced inside the house where a suicidal guy was shouting and banging his head against the floor, she didn’t bother to get the tablet from the seat of her squad car.A police officer was dispatched to recover the tablet when she realized that the man was threatening to hurt himself, his family, or her officers with knives.

He was instructed to speak to the woman who appeared on the screen once she switched it on and handed it to him. When the man calmed down, she watched.After seeing how this gadget calmed him down, Sgt. Bonnie Busching of the Cook County Sheriff’s Police Department stated, “Holy smokes, this is fantastic.”

Managing a Mental Health Crisis at a Time One Zoom Call at a TimeWhen the police responded to a domestic disturbance call, it was the first time they used the Zoom call concept, which has become so popular during the COVID-19 epidemic.There is a countrywide increase in violent crime, and there are calls to change the way police engage with residents, particularly those who have Mental Health problems. Such circumstances can be handled in an unusual way by the sheriff department, which has a Treatment Response Team (TRT).

To deal with a rise in drug overdose calls that began two years ago, the sheriff’s department’s 300-member police team required assistance. And as more individuals were secluded in their houses, either unable or reluctant to leave their homes for fear of contracting the disease, the department was inundated with 911 calls related to suicide threats and other Mental Health issues.

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