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McDonald Food Comes from Bill Gates’ Farmland

New speculations are claiming that vegetables such as potatoes, onion, and carrots used in McDonald are different from regular ones.  The Potatoes used in McDonald French fries and onions that most American households use are very different. McDonald veggies are grown in Mill and Melinda Gates farmlands. Hence they are different, suggest these speculations.But they are far better known for their contribution to technology and in trying to protect the climate.

Bill and Melinda Gates, who have recently announced that they are getting divorced and are dividing their assets, are deeply financed in American agriculture. The billionaire couple has gathered more than 269,000 acres of farmland across 18 states, more than the entire estate of New York City in less than a decade. The farmland was purchased over a group of companies that all associate back to the couple’s investment group, Cascade Investments, which is based in Kirkland, Washington.

McDonald Food Comes from Bill Gates' FarmlandThe data assembled by The Land Report and NBC News display that their landholdings range from 70,000 acres in north Louisiana, where their farmland grows soybeans, corn, cotton, and rice.In Washington, the Gates owns more than 14,000 acres of farmland that comprises potato fields which are so huge that they are visible from space and some of which are baked into French fries for McDonald. Also, in Florida, farmers grow carrots on the Gates’ property.

Along with the Columbia River border between Washington and Oregon, the Gates have purchased 100 Circles Farm, which is a 14,500-acre plot of land, for $171 million, according to property and business records. There, on Gates’ parcels, an additional industrial farm also grows potatoes for McDonald French fries. Cascade rejected to comment on its explicit landholdings.

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