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Mercedes Rolls Out Luxury Electric Car in Collaboration with Tesla

Mercedes-Benz parent Daimler AG on Thursday unveiled a battery-powered counterpart to its top Mercury luxury sedan. The German carmakers are looking to boost up their supply of electric cars to compete with the industry’s giant Tesla. The EQS is the first Mercedes Benz car to be built on the framework designed from the composition of an Electric car. Recently, it has been diverting its focus on administering more slick ways rather than relying on cars built with components from an internal combustion engine.

Mercedes Rolls Out Luxury Electric Car in Collaboration with TeslaThe EQS is the sibling to the company’s S-Class large internal-combustion sedan, the luxury brand’s flagship model that sells for $110,000 and up. The two cars aim to be at the same upper ends of the market, as the trends are divulging to a unique way. MercedesBenz’s cost is uncertain as the company hasn’t released an official statement. Besides that, it said that the EQs could be a gauged version of the previous models.

To help it slip through the air even more smoothly, the EQS’s body automatically lowers slightly at speeds of more than 75 miles an hour, and then a little more at speeds of more than 100 miles an hour. The car can go about 480 miles on a charge, according to estimates gathered from a European testing standard.

The Mercedes EQS is a generational charge booster that comes with an optional touchscreen system that covers the entire dashboard from the driver’s side window to the passengers’. This is what makes Mercedes-Benz a class act and a luxurious sport that the intriguing buyers must have in their collection. Beneath this immense curved glass panel, there are actually three separate screens — including one just for the passenger,  but they have the appearance of a continuous surface.

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