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Mercury Medical has Announced the Launch of Disposable BiLevel CPAP Devices

Mercury Medical’s disposable bilevel CPAP equipment is now available on the company’s website for acute care and surge capacity planning. COVID-19 patients in respiratory distress can be treated with bilevel and CPAP devices, according to current FDA guidelines.It is the first and only Disposable Bilevel CPAP Ventilator Assist Device available on the global market granted a patent.

An optional filter is included with the mask. Hospital and emergency doctors may rapidly set up the device to provide Bilevel and CPAP treatments to respiratory distress patients using this disposable Bilevel and CPAP system.Patients with ACPO (Acute Cardiogenic Pulmonary Oedema) can also benefit from a Flow-Safe Disposable CPAP System, according to research in the American Journal of Emergency Medicine “.

Mercury Medical has Announced the Launch of Disposable BiLevel CPAP DevicesDue to the overall improvement in physiological blood gas and other indicators as well as mortality and cost-related issues, FSD-CPAP-S may be selected in emergency services when NIMV devices are insufficient.”An important benefit of disposables is that they may be used in circumstances when backup Bilevel/CPAP equipment is rare or unavailable, therefore reducing the requirement for costly capital equipment.

As well as in pre-hospital EMS situations, Flow-Safe II+ has been extensively employed in acute care emergency rooms. It also helps to avoid cross-contamination because it is disposable. It was chosen from hundreds of entries by a team of EMS product professionals, doctors, educators, managers, and paramedics. Mercury Medical’s President and CEO, John Gargaro, MD, says: “Flow-Safe II+ offers a superior option for patients in respiratory distress that is cost-effective.

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