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Michigan Mystery Illness that has Killed Dozens of Dogs

Canine parvovirus has been identified by state authorities as the unusual illness that has sickened and killed numerous canines around Michigan. Department of Agriculture and Rural Development found that atleast 30 animals have diedĀ  due to the illness in Otsego County animal shelter despite having tested negative for it. The canine parvovirus spreads through faeces and manifests as lethargy, appetite loss, and diarrhoea.

Nora Wineland, state veterinarian said that the Canine parvovirus is a serious and exceedingly contagious disease in dogs, but the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development and veterinary professionals have extensive experience with this virus. The state veterinarian said that they are highly efficient vaccination that they may utilise to help protect canines from the virus. Dogs who have not received the full course of this virus immunisation are the most vulnerable.

Michigan Mystery Illness that has Killed Dozens of DogsShe also advised the dog owners across Michigan must collaborate with their veterinarians to ensure that their dogs are fully immunised and given boosters at the appropriate periods to keep their pets safe and healthy. The situation, according to Kim Dodd, director of the veterinary diagnostic laboratory at Michigan State University, is “complex” because, despite the fact that the dogs displayed clinical symptoms suggestive of parvovirus, point-of-care tests carried out in clinics and shelters consistently come back negative.

She continued that such tests are not as sensitive as the diagnostic tests we can conduct here in the laboratory, despite being valuable in the clinical environment. The authors are tying to understand why those animals tested negative in screening tests. Michigan officials pointed out the the Canine parvovirus is does not spread to people or other species of domestic animals.

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