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Nadine Dorries Questions Death of Mental Health Patients

The first investigation is held to look into the death of 1500 Mental Health patients in Essex. NHS Mental Trust is the place where these 1,500 people were treated and the place was often complained for its poor treatment facilities. The NHS Mental Trust said that the people died due to Unexpected, Unexplained and self-infilicted reasons.

Those 1500 people who died are children and children. They were vulnerable people experiencing a serious weakening in Mental Health, those people died in the facilty or within three months of being discharged. Dr Geraldine Strathdee, who is leading the research said that some evidence collected in the health care centre was distreesing and the families believe that the poor behaviours contributed to the death of the loves ones.

Nadine Dorries Questions Death of Mental Health PatientsThe group of investigators found three systematic failures at the North Essex and South Essex Mental Health trusts and at the Essex Partnership University NHS trust. This was formed by a merger of the old trusts and gave all the necessary details for this enquiry.  The patients are undergoing physical, sexual harrasment and assualt, the families were given very few information about the patients health condition and they were not given proper care.

Strthdee, a leading psychiatrist at the National Health Service, is focused on the 21 areas of Mental Health care that are crucial to quality care. Some families who lost their loved ones refused to join this investigation because it is not a full public inquiry.

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