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New Jersey’s New Store Encouraging Autistic Adults

One of the many challenges faced by families with children suffering from Autism is that young Adults are not exposed to as many opportunities as children. There are multiple programs available for children with autism focusing on their skills and entertainment. However, transitioning into adult phase, the exposure to similar activities is significantly limited.

A non-profit organization named Spectrum Works has pioneered the change in addressing these problems. Spectrum Works is on a mission to create new job opportunities for autistic Adults providing them thorough training. The organization aims on building an inclusive workforce within companies.

New Jersey New Store Encouraging Autistic AdultsAs an essential step in achieving their goal, Spectrum has opened a pop-up store, which will be displayed at the American Dream mega-mall. The effort is to help young Adults explore their interests, and acquire practical skills. The store is a house to fun learning activities. It features more than 7,000 t-shirts, and sweatshirts, onesies. All incurred sales, and 100% profits will be used to support employment programs for the Adults with autism.

The pop-up store will be open to shop at until July 29 seeking optimistic sales. Through this initiative, Spectrum is trying to build social skills of the autistic high school students with interactive sessions. Working as a staff at the store, the students with autism will learn best business practices.They will be exposed to opportunities offering the development ideal employee characteristics that add value to an organization. Spectrum Works was established in 2011 addressing the main problem that showed 80% of young Adults with autism forced to stay at home.

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