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New Vaccine May be Needed Next Year to Protect against New Variant

The scientist who helped to find the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine said a new version of the shot may be needed next year to protect against the virus. The CEO said that the booster shots are effective against the current Variant and a new vaccine may be required to fight against the new upcoming.

Dr Ugur Sahin, BioNTech’s co-founder and CEO, said that while booster shots are effective against current strains, including the contagious Delta Variant, there may be mutations that evade it in the future. Sahiba added that this year a new vaccine is not necessary but they are predicting by the mid next year different situations may prevail.

New Vaccine May be Needed Next Year to Protect against New VariantThe booster shot uses the same formula as its original two-dose Covid 19 vaccine. Sahin said next year could call for new formulas that are created to specifically target features of the new Variant. He said that this virus will stay, and the virus will further adapt.

They have no reason to assume that the next-generation virus will be easier to handle for the immune system than the existing generation. This is a continuous evolution, and that evolution has just started.BioNTech co-founder Dr Ozlem Tureci, who is also Sahin’s wife, predicted last week that booster shots may be needed every 12 to 18 months.Tureci said that for all the Variant which are currently circulating the Covid 19 boosters are bringing the immune responses back to high levels. Those immune responses are suitable to protect against the virus.

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