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New York City is Hotspot for Monkeypox

As of Wednesday, there were 119 instances of Monkeypox in New York City, making it the state with the highest concentration. At least 605 cases of the sickness have been documented by health officials around the US, with NYC accounting for close to 20% of the total.

Cases in the city have increased by 50% just last week, prompting some to blame the 2 million visitors who visited NYC during June’s Pride celebrations. Since the virus is transmitted by skin-to-skin contact with an infected person, some specialists refer to it as a “sexually transmitted illness.” According to the local media site SFist, San Francisco has already recorded outbreaks linked to certain Bay Area Pride events. Monkeypox has also spread like wildfire throughout Europe’s nightclubs and sporting events.

New York City is Hotspot for MonkeypoxFever and flu-like symptoms are common during Monkeypox, which is also characterised by painful lesions or rashes all over the body that form, scab, and peel over a period of weeks. The avoidable, curable infection has not yet caused any fatalities. In light of the outbreak, experts have cautioned against getting close to strangers, but health officials are being accused for underestimating the problem, according to a Daily Mail story on Thursday. According to the Daily Mail, New York City had apparently only purchased 1,000 doses of a smallpox vaccine that was also being used to combat the virus.

Despite the fact that available appointment times for the injection apparently filled up within hours, city health officials reportedly raised their order to 6,000 vaccinations, The Post said on Wednesday. At a news conference on Thursday, NYC Health Commissioner Dr. Ashwin Vasan expressed regret for systemic errors in the distribution of the Monkeypox vaccination. The health authorities, meanwhile, has not claimed that specific Pride celebrations last month are to blame for the rise in Monkeypox cases.

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