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Nike’s Next Launch Is One for the Ages; Playstation Themed Shoes Your Way

Nike has been on the innovative side of the spectrum, and now it is launching the all-new PlayStation-themed shoes that would drive you crazy. In 2018, Paul George talked about his PlayStation fandom while introducing a PG 2.5 shoe with lights and audio installed linked to Sony’s console. Upgrading its sorts for the latest silhouette, the company resorts to launching 5 themed shoes.

Nike’s Next Launch Is One for the Ages; Playstation Themed Shoes Your WayAlthough Nike has been in the sneaker business as one of the monumental conglomerates, its collaboration with is just getting kickstarted, and the scope for new styles and designs is increasing day by day. In this case, your chance of buying is as unlikely as getting an actual PlayStation right now. It wouldn’t be a surprise if most of the people are able to snag either one at this point end up heading directly to StockX to resell it, but if you’re trying to find the console or the sneakers — good luck.

Pictures of the latest quirky sneakerheads have been popping up on Instagram and other social media handles since late March. The PG 5 and the PS 5 versions of the themed shoes are rumored to be put up to sale by Nike at the end of May for about $110. Something interesting is coming your way, and those who have been Nike’s prominent buyers know that the company doesn’t disappointments when it comes to the proclamation of the world’s best sneakers at your feet. How slick and ravishing the shoes look, man!

Nike’s senior official head was observed referring to its collab with PlayStation being just a heavyweight beginning to mix it up in its revenue bolstering business, and we could see many other console features being integrated into the sneaker’s design.

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