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Our Team

Pat Lance

Pat has authored several articles on technology and has offered dedicated covers on budding tech entrepreneurs and tech start-ups. Some of the categories he enjoys following and writing regularly comprise fintech, health tech, blockchain, and of course the social media analytics which has stirred a frenzy altogether. Pat also has an active blog and often writes on similar topics. he is also associated with several educational institutions and offers essay and paper writing lessons.

Editor-in-Chief: At Adroit Research News, Pat's role is dual as he heads the editing team and is chaired as Editor-in-Chief. Given his celebrated career in sports journalism, he switched to editing. That explains his association with several news agencies and even digital news platforms where he lent his editing expertise.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +12067955048

Sheryl Whitner
Sub Editor

Sheryl’s stint with Adroit Research News began two years back just when she graduated from the University of Alberta, specializing in biochemistry. After a brief internship with a research start-up, she found her calling in writing. Owing to her roots in science and technology, specifically chemistry and biology, Sheryl is credited with writing humongous Science-based articles. She masters the art of presenting complex concepts in extremely lucid language to connect appropriately with young minds and budding entrepreneurs. When Sheryl is not writing, she enjoys coding and is also a freelance developer. This keeps her ahead with all science and technology-based information, thus improving her skills. 

Sub-Editor: Sheryl G. Whitner is also assisting in editing and holds the position of managing editor at Adroit Research News. Her unique approach to understanding the newsworthiness of an incident sets her apart. She is also renowned for her excellent time management skills and dedication to her work. She is often spotted working way beyond her office hours to complete the job at hand with astute perfection.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +12067955048

Edward Jordan
Health Section

Edward Jordan is a senior writer at Adroit Research News and has penned over 2000+ articles on varied subjects, though his forte is in the health and fitness domain. He particularly enjoys writing on health-based tech companies and app developers who are gradually disrupting the field with innovations. With over five years of association with Adroit Research News Edward is a familiar name and when he is not writing he lends a hand in editing too. Edward also is an enthusiastic fitness practitioner and has enrolled in several fitness programs. His hobby as a fitness expert certainly hones his writing abilities which also gets reflected by the astonishing number of followers he has.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +12067955048

Angelina Perry
Business Section

Angelina holds a master’s degree in business administration with a dual specialization in finance and organizational behavior. She has been a meticulous writer since her childhood days and despite having experienced a flourishing career in one of the leading banks, Angelina ditched her posh job and became a full-time writer. To put her knowledge of business administration to its optimum use, she has deliberately chosen business as her niche category and renders informative content every single day.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +12067955048

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