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Pandemic Has Triggered Mental Health Issues

The COVID Pandemic has not only struck the masses in terms of the physical consequences but has also taken a toll on everyone’s mental well-being. Mental health issues have always been stigmatized in our society. Anxiety, depressive symptoms, symptoms of internet addiction, pornography addiction, experiences of hostility, overthinking, changes in food and sleep habits, social empathy, and relationship quality are most of the cases.

Mental Health is an overlooked issue in India, that has considerably worsened over this period of a Pandemic. Already being a major contributor to the burden of illness in India, suicide deaths due to mental health issues attribute to at least one-third among females and one-fourth of all males.  Most of these illnesses and death goes unnoticed.

Pandemic Has Triggered Mental Health IssuesThe effect of COVID can be unmasked in an altogether different light once the normal workflow resumes eventually. It is important to equip ourselves to handle the COVID-19 not just physically by maintaining social distancing and using personal hygiene measures, but also emotionally by building and understanding coping mechanisms to combat this Pandemic and its aftermath.

The people also have to keep themselves safe and engage in fruitful activities in order to keep their mental health intact. Depression may be the initial symptom, but if accompanied by other symptoms like irritability, sadness, insomnia, social withdrawal may confirm the condition.

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