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Pennsylvania Health Authorities Reported Covid-19 Vaccination Data Error

CDC has updated Pennsylvania’s Covid-19 vaccination rate due to a data error. The correction revises Pennsylvania’s vaccination rate number 5 percentage points lower. The CDC initially stated that 73.7% of Pennsylvanians 18 or older had been vaccinated. The corrected number is 68.9%. The change was made to remove duplicate counts. The downward revision amounted to about 1.2 million doses of the vaccine.

The data correction comes as infections, hospitalizations, and intensive-care unit cases are all on the upswing in Pennsylvania, as well as many other states. CDC started to rectify their data to match Pennsylvania Covid-19 vaccine data. They are adding that they anticipate the CDC will update their data for other states in the coming weeks.

Pennsylvania Health Authorities Reported Covid-19 Vaccination Data ErrorThe Inquirer reported earlier this month that the CDC had had issues with their Pennsylvania Covid-19 data since as early as July’s data cleanup, over-counting initial vaccine doses and “slightly undercounting” fully vaccinated people. This came following Governor Tom Wolf’s declaration at the beginning of 2021, in which he touted a record 95% of Pennsylvanians had received their first Covid-19 vaccination.

Pennsylvania remains a state with a high number of vaccinations, with Wednesday’s update noting that the state is still ranked 5th in the nation for total doses administered.  As a result of the holiday weekend, the Pennsylvania Health Authorities will update their data on Monday. The health department as of  Wednesday, there were 7,569 additional positive cases of Covid-19 across the state, with 3,349 people currently hospitalized for illness related to the disease.

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