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Pierce County Calls for More Vaccines Amid Risk of Phase 1 Rollback

A Pierce County lawmaker on Monday made an urgent plea for his county to receive more doses of the vaccine. The news extravagated amid the threat of order to Pierce County to roll back to Phase-1 because of its worsening Covid-19 metrics. State lawmakers issued a new bill in the State Senate that would oblige the Washington Department of Health to rely its focus on helping countries in trouble.

Pierce County Calls for More Vaccines Amid Risk of Phase 1 RollbackIn Pierce County, Covid-19 cases and hospitalizations strangely are seen to be heading in the wrong direction, raising concerns that it could be forced to return to a lower phase. Last Friday, the county suffered a heart-breaking setback when it was coerced back to Phase 2 from Phase 3 due to the upheaving surge in the number of cases. The experts and the analysts claim that the state could even lower the phase if the situation does not revoke and the hospitalizations keep on creeping up at the same pace.

“That could be the difference between a business keeping its doors open or having to close again,” said state Sen. Chris Gildon, a Republican from the 25th Dist. Puyallup. “That could be the difference between someone having a job or not having a job.”Gildon further asserted that Pierce County has received far fewer vaccines than the state average compelling him to introduce a bill to the Senate.

The threshold is 350-cases-per-100,000 population. Pierce County currently is at 281 cases. A fallback to Phase-1 would mean no indoor dinings, no social gatherings, and more restrictions on gyms. Although the retail outlets would continue to work with the same capacity as ordered in Phase-2, it stands far less than expected at 25% of working staff only allowed.

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