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Reduce the risk of dementia with just walking

With only these many steps a day, the risk of dementia can be reduced. According to a latest study, risk of developing can be reduced. Experts says that walking about 3000 to 9000 steps a day can deduce the chances of you developing mental decline.

The study shows people between the age of 40 to 80, who walked daily on an average of 8000 steps have half of the chances of developing dementia within the time period of seven years. Experts clarified that walking should be brisk walking otherwise it won’t affect that much. Although, in the beginning any sort of walking is enough. It is important that the doctors counsel their regular patients to include walking in their daily routine to prevent developing dementia in them.

Reduce the risk of dementia with just walkingdementia is a loss of brain functioning like thinking, remembering to such an extent that the person may even forget their family members or people they interact with daily. Symptoms of might be different in some patients. Some might not be able to express their emotions or some might face sudden personality change like extreme anger or sadness. dementia is caused by damage of a nerve and its connectivity with the brain. The symptoms may differ depending on which part of the brain is being damaged.

It is important to focus on the pace of walking instead of walking distance for better results. This means that the intensity of the walks matter. One can even track their performance, pace of walking, steps taken in, with the help of technology like smartwatches. Experts say that more work is being under process for more accurate data.

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