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Rejuvenation of Woman’s Skin could fight Diseases of Ageing

A new study has found that skin Rejuvenation can help us fight against aging. The researchers have Rejuvenation a fifty year old woman which is equivalent to twenty three year’s old skin. The study was conducted by the researchers from Cambridge.

The researchers said that the skin can do the same thing like other tissues in the body. The researchers are also working on solutions for other age-related diseases like diabetes, heart disease and other neurological disorders. For the new study, the researchers used a technique that is used to produce dolly cloned shred twenty five years ago.

Rejuvenation of Woman's Skin could fight Diseases of AgeingThe lead author of the study said that they hoped that the technique could help people become healthier as long as they want to be healthy. He also added that they have been dreaming about these kinds of medical inventions. Usually disease get worse with time but this is exciting to help the people and make them feel better.Professor Reich also said that the work is published in the Journal eLife. He also added that there were few problem that they faced during the study but they have overcome the interventions.

It was a critical step to try the Rejuvenation process for the first time.The technique stem originated in the 1990s when the researchers from Edinburg tried to turn the mammary gland to embryo. It is noteworthy that the embryo was taken from the sheep. This led to the creation of Dolly. The main aim of the team was not great clones of sheep but use the technique. They wished it to be grown into a specific tissue like nerve cells to worn out body parts.

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