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Remaining part of the partially collapsed building demolished

As per the trusted sources, the remaining part of the partially collapsed condominium tower in Florida was demolished on Sunday at around 10.30 pm.Before that, the residents in the surrounding areas were told to find a shelter in such places that are closed and then to close all the doors and windows as well as places of potential air intakes in their houses. Daniella Levine Cava, Mayor of Miami-Dade County stated that the shelter-in-place can be lifted after two hours after finishing the demolition of the tower.

She further added that the demolished of the place is confined to the area that is immediately around the building. However, the dust and other particles which is the byproduct formed after the demolition of the places cannot be avoided; hence they have been asking the people in the immediate vicinity to stay indoors during the demolition of the place.

As per the trusted sources, the search and rescue efforts of the buildings were halted on a temporarily basis on the Saturday afternoon for the preparation of the demolished process. It included drilling into the other part of the structures columns. Moreover, on Sunday, Levine Cava stated that the search will begin as soon as the building is demolished and the site is considered as secure and safe.

Cava further added that the demolished of the building in a controlled way is a difficult task to expand their scope of search in the pile. She further added that allowing the people to search in area closest to the building also causes instability of the building which is a critical job.

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