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Researchers are Closely Watching the New Covid 19 Variant

The spread of the Covid 19 continues to spread across the country. The researchers are closely monitoring the new R1 Variant. The CDC does not identify the new variant as the variant of concern or interest. Later after the outbreak in a Kentucky nursing home the agency gave a different opinion

The agency reported after the Covid 19 outbreak in a Kentucky nursing home in March that the new variant has several mutations of importance showing proof that the variant has a high virus transmissibility. The new R1 variant has a reduced neutralization by convalescent and post-vaccination sera. The new variant has the potential to reduce the effectiveness of neutralizing antibodies.

Researchers are Closely Watching the New Covid 19 VariantCDC also added that although vaccination decreased the likelihood of infection and symptomatic illness, 25.4% of vaccinated residents and 7.1% of vaccinated were infected, supporting concerns about potential reduced protective immunity to R.1. Four possible reinfections were identified, providing some evidence of limited or waning natural immunity to this variant.

Nearly 46 Covid 19 cases were identified in Kentucky nursing homes. Attack rates in unvaccinated residents were three times as high as those in vaccinated residents. In unvaccinated health care workers, attack rates were 4.1 times as high as those in vaccinated health care personnel.Three of the nursing home’s residents died, including two who were not vaccinated.An Outbreak.Info lineage report shows Maryland as the state with the greatest cumulative R.1 prevalence. The variant has spread to all but three states and nearly 2,200 cases were reported nationwide.

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