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San Diego Health Authorities Report 528 New Covid 19 Cases

San Diego County Health authorities reported 528 new cases of COVID-19. The county authorities also updated that no new virus-related deaths Saturday. This report was released after the Health and Human Services Agency of the county announced that an unvaccinated woman was the first pregnant San Diego person to die from the virus.

COVID 19 patients in county hospitals increased from 284 on Friday to 288 Saturday. The state figures also stated that nearly 85 of those patients were in intensive care, up from 83 the day before. The deceased pregnant woman died with her unborn child. Her age and other details about her death and pregnancy were not being reported to protect her family’s privacy.

San Diego Health Authorities Report 528 New Covid 19 CasesDr Seema Shah, medical director of HHSA’s Epidemiology and Immunization Services branch said that this is a very unfortunate death, and they have shared their sincere condolences to the family and friends of the deceased. Contracting COVID-19 during pregnancy puts you at greater risk of having serious complications and death.

The health and the human service agency issued a health advisory to the local medical community alerting them of an increase in cases and hospitalizations of unvaccinated pregnant women and encouraging them to urge their patients to get vaccinated.A total of 22,644 tests were reported to the county on Friday, and the percentage of new positive cases over the last week is 3%. San Diego County doesn’t report lab test results on the weekends.

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