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Study Shows 88% of Healthcare Workers are Fully Vaccinated

Washington state survey shows a significant increase in COVID-19 vaccinations in most hospitals before the state’s Oct. 18 deadline to be fully vaccinated. The Washington State Hospital Association surveyed its members after the Oct. 4 cut-off to be vaccinated in time for the state’s deadline.

The state survey showed an overall vaccination rate of 88% statewide, with 94% of the hospitals in state reporting. The hospital association said the remaining 12% are a mix of staff partially vaccinated, have an approved exemption and accommodation or are planning to apply for an exemption that has not been reviewed or they are choosing not to be vaccinated.

Study Shows 88% of Healthcare Workers are Fully VaccinatedAccording to estimates from the hospital association, Between 2-5% of hospital staff could leave the workforce because of the vaccination requirement but the final figure won’t be known until early November. Several hospitals said they will need to reduce or strengthen some services to account for the reduction in the workforce.

Cassie Sauer, CEO of the Washington State Hospital Association said that the hospitals continue to urge their staff to get vital COVID-19 vaccines. They are pleased that most hospitals and health systems have achieved a high rate of vaccination, which will allow patients to continue to access life-saving care across Washington State. They know that there will be some effects on services, and they will proceed to benefit hospitals and health systems in navigating the vaccine requirement.

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