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Surge in Covid Cases In US Ends Hope of Independence From Covid-19

Experts across the US had hoped that the summer would put an end to Covid-19 but, the situation seems to be exactly opposite. This is due to the resurgence of cases leading to dying hopes of America being free of.The new variant of Covid-19 virus called delta variant is overflowing hospital beds due to alarming increase of infections in children and adults. Some places in the US have seen driving death due to the variant.

The schools that had reopened few months ago are abruptly closing the school systems and switching back to remote learning owing to the outbreak. Most depressing is that legal disputes and violence have erupted over masks and demands for vaccines.The death toll of US due to the virus to date stands at more than 650,000, and is unfortunately estimated to rise to 750,000 by 1st December.

Surge in Covid Cases In US Ends Hope of Independence From Covid-19Few months earlier when the vaccinations rates were high and the death toll and infected case came down consistently, the experts believed that the summer would market independence from Covid-19. As a result, the US government in many of its states had allowed people to move around and permitted to move out without masks if the people have taken second dose. Schools, restaurants, and many such places had started work back to normal.

But, the resurgence in cased mostly infected by the delta variant has raised the concerns of US and ended hope of Independence from Covid-19 forcing it to close schools and businesses in many states across US especially states like Idaho. Masks mandates have thus reinstated across the country.

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