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The US to Offer Monkeypox Vaccines in States with High Case Rates

The Biden administration detailed plans to provide more vaccinations and more testing to those who are most at risk of contracting Monkeypox , including men who have sex with men and their partners, in an announcement on Tuesday. States have been urging the administration to release more doses of the Monkeypox vaccine from the Strategic National Stockpile, which is overseen by the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response at the Department of Health and Human Services.

The administration has complied with their demands. The country has also come under fire for not providing adequate testing to track the virus’s transmission, which is considered to be more widespread than the number of cases currently indicates. The new strategy addresses both. In addition to expanding testing and making tests available at five commercial labs in addition to an existing network of public health labs, it will provide additional vaccinations to regions with the highest case rates.

The US to Offer Monkeypox Vaccines in States with High Case RatesIn order to offer the CDC additional flexibility and resources to handle the nation’s response to Monkeypox, HHS also established the Emergency Operations Center on Tuesday. With an emphasis on males who have sex with men and their known partners as well as anyone who believes they may have recently been exposed to the virus as an anonymous partner, the new approach would distribute vaccine doses depending on case rates in a state.

“The goal of post-exposure prophylaxis—the use of immunizations to prevent illness after exposure—is to lower your chance of contracting the Monkeypox virus and becoming ill. A probable exposure should be immunised against within two weeks, and the sooner you can get vaccinated after the exposure, the better.” In 28 different jurisdictions around the country, 306 instances of Monkeypox have been reported. According to her, 49 nations around the world have recorded more than 4,700 cases.

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