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UK Commences World Largest Trial For Cancer 

The NHS has started the world’s largest trial of blood tests that focuses on identifying higher than 50 variants of Cancer before symptoms appear. More than 100,000 volunteers are being investigated to give blood samples at mobile test clinics in regions across England from Monday to assess how well the test works in the health service.

The Galleri test in the US helps to find Cancer that are difficult to spot early on by picking up fragments of DNA that are shed from tumors into the bloodstream. Among them are Cancer of the lung, bowel, pancreas, throat, head, and neck.

UK Commences World Largest Trial For CancerAt the foremost stage when the tumor is detected, patients typically have more treatment options and have many chances to survive compared with those detected at stage four, which is the most advanced. Amanda Pritchard, the chief executive officer of NHS, said the test could mark the beginning of a revolution in Cancer detection and treatment. The blood test plays a major role in the health service to catch three-quarters of  at an early stage when they are easier to treat.

The NHS is writing to 140,000 people aged 50 to 77 from different ethnic backgrounds and requesting them to participate in the trial. The volunteers must not have had a Cancer diagnosis in the past three years, will be asked to give a first blood sample at a mobile test clinic and further samples one and two years later.

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