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Unvaccinated Adults Quit their Jobs over Covid Vaccine Mandates

Nearly Five percent of unvaccinated adults say they have left a job due to a vaccine Mandates, according to a survey released Thursday by the Kaiser Family Foundation.This early read on whether workers will actually quit their jobs over comes as more employers are requiring shots. One-quarter of workers surveyed by KFF in October said their employer has required them to get vaccinated, up from 9% in June and 19% last month.

President Joe Biden announced in September a Mandates for businesses with 100 or more employees to ensure workers are vaccinated against Covid or tested weekly for the virus. The is estimated to cover two-thirds of the private sector workforce once it’s implemented. The Kaiser survey only asked whether people have quit over a vaccine requirement, not a vaccine requirement with a testing option.

Unvaccinated Adults Quit their Jobs over Covid Vaccine MandatesWorkers already covered by a Mandates are more likely to have higher household incomes, identify as Democrats and already be vaccinated, the data shows. The survey results also illustrate the ongoing partisan divide toward Covid-19 vaccines, with 32% of Republican respondents reporting they know someone who has quit over a compared with 14% of Democrats who said the same. Kaiser surveyed 1,519 randomly selected American adults from Oct. 14 through Oct. 24.

The Kaiser survey also indicates that most unvaccinated workers would not quit outright if faced with a Mandates. About 6 in 10 said they would be likely to apply for a religious, medical, or other exemption if their employer required them to get a vaccine.

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