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Vaccines May not Offer Complete Protection to People

The COVID-19 Vaccines might be less safe for you if you have a compromised immune system. Experts agree it’s always important to get Vaccines for yourself and others around you, but those with weakened immune systems may need to take extra precautions after vaccination.

Dr. Linda Finn, the director of hematology and bone marrow at Ochsner Health, said, “We are aware that this population may not have the same beneficial response to Vaccines that we see in others who are not immunosuppressed. We do still recommend the vaccines, any benefit they can borrow from it, but still follow other precautions very closely.”

Vaccines May not Offer Complete Protection to PeopleWhile Vaccines were shown to be highly effective in preventing symptomatic or serious COVID-19 infections in clinical trials, people who were immunocompromised were mostly removed. As a result, these figures do not refer to people with compromised immune systems, such as cancer patients or HIV patients.

It may also involve people who are taking immune-suppressing drugs to treat medical disorders, such as autoimmune diseases or transplant recipients. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Health Interview Survey, about 3% of the US population is immunocompromised. According to recent research, certain diseases or treatments for diseases conflict with the body’s ability to produce antibodies that help protect against COVID-19 after Vaccines.

COVID-19 antibodies should normally be generated by a fully vaccinated individual and should show up on an antibody test. However, some immunocompromised people who have been completely vaccinated have been shocked to discover that they don’t produce enough antibodies to test positive on an antibody test.

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