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Windows 11 Also Accessible on Old Windows Phones

It has not even been an entire week since Windows 11 launched, and Windows 11 has already been ported successfully over to a smartphone.

A very dedicated student of engineering named Gustave Monce published a video on YouTube displaying the latest inventor preview of Windows 11 is also running on an old Windows Phone.The phone shown in the video is a Lumia 950 XL, which can be remembered as the one which tried to usher in the age of Windows 10 Mobile phones. It was also the last Mobile phone introduced by Windows.

Windows 11 Also Accessible on Old Windows PhonesMonce said during an interview with The Verge that it all started back five years ago when Windows 10 Mobile was near the stage of uselessness. Monce collaborated along with one of his classmates, named Bingxing Wang, who was also into the same idea of running an OS designed for a desktop computer on the 5.7-inch screen of Lumia.Monce further told The Verge that as time went by, both of them started to talk about it, and discussion groups were formed for the same.

And in turn, they had an entire community of people who were interested in running a full-fledged Windows 10 OS on the Lumia 950 series of Mobile Phones.At this time, the team consists of around 15 people working on the Project of WOA. They all worked together on the Windows 11 portal by the reverse-engineering process of work they had already done and Windows 10 and 10X.

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