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Xiaomi Smart Glasses Are More than A Wearable Companion

The Xiaomi Smart Glasses, Xiaomi’s first intelligent eyewear product, will be released today. Xiaomi joins Google, Snapchat, Nreal, and Lenovo in releasing smart glasses. Still, unlike those companies’ products, Xiaomi’s offering does not immerse the user in an augmented reality view of the world. Instead, they’re similar to Amazon’s, Razer’s, and, more recently, Facebook’s smart glasses. Xiaomi claims, however, that its new smart glasses are more than just a second screen for your smartphone.

Xiaomi claims that its smart glasses weigh 51 grams and look like regular glasses, both of which were made possible by using micro-LEDs to reduce the amount of space required in the glasses’ structural design. MicroLED has a higher pixel density, a longer lifespan, a more straightforward structure, and a higher brightness than OLED, but its pixels are individually lit, resulting in deep blacks. The internal display chip is 2.4mm x 2.02mm in size, with individual pixels measuring 4m, allowing it to fit within the glasses frame.

Xiaomi Smart Glasses Are More than A Wearable CompanionXiaomi chose a monochrome display technology with a peak brightness of 2 million nits to allow users to see content through the Xiaomi Smart Glasses even in direct sunshine. We don’t know who makes the micro-LEDs, but JBD and Plessey Semiconductor are two companies that come to mind. Xiaomi bills its smart glasses as an “independent smart wearable” that can navigate, shoot photos, operate as a teleprompter, and translate text and pictures in real-time, all while mirroring your phone’s notifications and displays.

Because this device is intended for Chinese consumers, it includes Xiaomi’s XiaoAI Assistant as the primary means of interaction. The Assistant selects the most important alerts from your phone to mirror, displays caller information on-screen, displays roads and maps in front of you, and transcribes voice into text with real-time translations.

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